Monday, November 10, 2008

Schwarzenegger tells backers of gay marriage: Don't give up

Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger of California is requesting that the supreme court overturn the much talked about proposition 8 (a ban on gay marriage). This is truly (in my oh so very humble opinion) one of the bravest moves made by a public servant in the past eight years. Gov. Schwarzenegger has gone against the will of his own party, and even the will of the people, to do what he knows is right.

Having seen this I must ask one question: Why are the Democrats so scared of making gay marriage an issue? During the vice presidential debate (I hate to bring the election up again), Sen. Joe Biden agreed with Gov. Sarah Palin that marriage should be defined between a man and a woman. People who believe in equal marriage rights were not given a choice in the national election, and I fear that they will not have their voices heard by the upcoming administration.

If Gov. Schwarzenegger is successful, he will prove to the citizens of California that gay marriage is not something to feel threatened by. He will also prove to Washington that supporting equal marriage rights, even as a Republican, is not political suicide (hopefully). For this reason, I hope that Gov. Schwarzenegger is successful in his endeavor, and I hope that the people of California will stand behind him.

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